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2023 UKEMS Conference
Dublin, Ireland
2nd - 5th July

This years UKEMS meeting was located at the beautiful Clontarf Castle on the outskirts of Dublin. Over 100 scientists from industry and academia were present for the 4 day event which started on the 2nd of July, 2023. There were contributions to the meeting from the New Investigators group NUKEMS and the UKEMS special interest groups Error Corrected Next Generation Sequencing (ecNGS), Industrial Genotoxicology Group (IGG) and Molecular Epidemiology Group UK (MEG-UK).


On Tuesday 4th July, MEG-UK hosted their Special Interest Group session within the UKEMS annual meeting.
We welcomed three invited speakers: 
Andrew Simpkin (University of Galway): Modelling epigenetic change across the lifecourse.
Lorna Lopez (Maynooth University): Genomics Relationships in Neurodevelopmental Conditions: A Circadian and Sleep Timing Focus
Sophia Amenyah (Bournemouth University): Molecules to policy: Innovative methods for research translation for impact

We also hosted two talks from selected abstracts:
YunYun Gong (University of Leeds): Evaluation of aflatoxin exposure as a risk factor for childhood mortality in the CHAIN study
Aurora Vilardi (University of Leicester): Building a 3D Co-Culture Model of Intestinal Mucosa to Study the Effects of Dietary Bioactive Compounds Towards Inflammatory Bowel Disease

MEG-UK Chair Hannah Elliott (University of Bristol) also contributed to a NUKEMS session entitled ‘Creating and taking opportunities to build your career’ alongside Anthony Lynch (GSK), Matthew Tate (Gentronix) and Michael Korenjak (IARC)

Left to right: Hannah Elliott, Andrew Simpkin, Sophia Amenyah, Lorna Lopez

Left: YunYun Gong, Right: Aurora Vilardi

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