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Dr Eleanor Conole

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Lothian Birth Cohorts

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Lothian Birth Cohorts group at the University of Edinburgh examining proteomics in relation to brain structure and connectivity in UKBiobank. My research focus is in using multiple layers of ‘omics’ data to understand how dysregulated immune dynamics relate to brain health outcomes. I will shortly be moving to the University of Oxford as a Junior Research Fellow in Applied Artificial Intelligence to continue this work.


I have a background in primary care in the NHS as a phlebotomist, HCA and assistant sleep physiologist, and have history of collaboration with clinicians and researchers over multiple research projects and population cohorts. My PhD research was funded by the Wellcome Trust to examine epigenetic signatures of chronic inflammation in relation to brain structure and function across the lifecourse, with a focus on investigating the utility of DNA methylation as a predictor of inflammatory burden.


I am particularly interested in the application of AI in genomics to address why some people age faster than others, the relevance of chronic inflammation in brain ageing, and how our lifestyle interacts with the epigenome to shape health trajectories.


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